Online Andar Bahar for Real Cash Online

Online Andar Bahar real cash unique online game has become popular among players from India. Now you can play your favourite games from your phone, no matter where you are. Considering the Covid-19 virus spreads across the country, many people prefer to play Andar Bahar online from their phones and not leave their homes.

Such a game can gather all your friends at the table, and with the Pin Up online casino in India, you can also get real money for winning. So run Andar Bahar online on the site and get the opportunity to have an excellent free time.

The round table brings together players from India and a dealer who will lead the process. There are no restrictions on the number of players, so you won't have to wait for a free welcome table.

Below is the table; we will describe the main features of the Andar Bahar game to make it easier to start playing.

Important game points:


Classic card game. The game is played with a classic deck of cards


Predict who will win: Andar or Bahar

Beginning of the game

The dealer shuffles the deck and reveals the first card

Start of the game for the players

The players place their bets. It is necessary to indicate in which box the first Joker will fall out

Andar Bahar Game in Pin Up Casino for Real Money

Maang, Pin Up withdrawal games are among the most popular casino topics. The themes of such games are diverse, they are easy to use, and most importantly, they allow you to win huge money. If you are tired of free games, play online games where you can earn money.

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Playing for money is no longer an unlimited game, you should think about issues such as stakes, Andar Bahar game security, and you need to choose the right online casino to play at.

Playing withdrawal games is great fun, but don't get carried away. As a new player, there are many things you may not know, and ignorance is dangerous. We've put together a quick five-step guide below. Here we have described how to gamble online.

  • Step 1. Registration at the Pin Up casino is significant. In order to earn money from games, you need to enter your real data. Without it, your account cannot be verified, so you will not deposit money. Enter your address, the currency (rupee) you'll be using, and you're good to go.
  • Step 2. Before creating your account, please read the casino rules carefully. Read them cover to cover. You may find something in them that you cannot fully accept.
  • Step 3. Withdrawal games in India are an extensive group of games. In this article, we have included an overview of the best so that you can choose a game that suits your interests.

At Pin Up you will find a huge collection of gambling games, so you will surely find your favourite cash games among them. In addition, the casino has excellent customer support, so if you do not understand or know something, you can easily ask one of the employees. In addition, the player will not be able to complain about financial problems, since each of these casinos offers several payment methods. You can focus on the game and not have to worry about other aspects.

The main bets in the game are:

Andar pays


Bahar pays


Also take a look at the pay table:

1-5 cards

pay 3.5:1

6-10 cards

pay 4.5:1

11-15 cards

pay 4.5:1

16-25 cards

pay 4.5:1

26-30 cards

pay 15:1

31-35 cards pay

pay 25:1

36-40 cards

pay 50:1

41 or more cards

pay 120:1.

Andar Bahar Game Rules

The game uses one full deck of 52 cards. Before the start of the round, the dealer takes the first card from the deck, the so-called Joker or House card. This card will be placed in its place in the table, after which a 15-second betting period will begin.

  • The whole idea of the game is that the dealer starts drawing cards one by one, alternating the deal of each card between Andar (inside) and Bahar (outside).
  • This will continue until the card corresponding to the First card is drawn. Only card values are considered, so the suit does not matter.
  • After a matching card is drawn, the Andar Bahar online round ends. The main bet that players can make here is, of course, matching the card of Andar or Bahar.

Also take into account the following features:

  • There are so-called side bets that you can bet on without even making the main bet. You can bet that the match will occur on Andar's very first map or the first map of Bahar. These selections pay out 15x and 15.5x your stake respectively.
  • When you bet "First 3", you are betting on the first three cards that form a poker hand; straight, flush, or straight flush. This includes the first card drawn before the round, the first Andar card, and the first Bahar card.
  • A flush is worth 5 times your bet, a straight is worth 8 times your bet, and a straight flush is worth 120 times your bet.
  • Finally, you can also bet on how many cards will be played before a match, with eight different brackets to choose from and payouts ranging from 2.5x to 119x your stake depending on the odds of the pick.

The traditional Indian gambling game is available in three different versions:

Live Andar Bahar

This is the most popular version with a real-time casino experience

Andar Bahar speed

This is the fastest version of the classic game including all the features of Live and Online Game

Xpro gaming live

This option is pretty much the same as the others with the added feature of live chat with traders anytime between games

Andar Bahar video

It's the computer against you with everything virtual

Ezugi Andar Bahar

This version comes with an improved number of side bets

Super Spade games

This is a fast game that gives you just 20 seconds to place a bet after the card is dealt

Andar Bahar Tricks & winning formula

Learning about the rules and Andar Bahar winning formula used in this game is better if you want to win. Although this is a simple game of chance, we advise you to set your budget and be aware of your betting limits. Follow some standard rules that will help you work better.

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  • One deck of cards is used with their original card value.
  • This is a Player vs. Dealer game; facing each other.
  • Fair odds of winning or losing with high payouts.
  • Players can decide the left or right side of the table.
  • After the betting position is fixed, the cards are reviewed with Andar and Bahar betting positions.
  • If side bets are included, two cards are dealt with each betting position and players are asked to place their final bets.
  • If your predicted bet is on the right place, I.e., Andar or Bahar, you win and get paid what you lose to the dealer.

Placing bets is an easy task in this game. The wagering requirement is very low, so every spectrum of players can participate. Before betting, you can choose your live or online Pin Up Casino table, and fix your budget and gaming environment. You can even talk to your dealer live about any of your doubts and even ask for terms and conditions.

  • You can also use additional rates in rupees. They can be made after the leading card is known. Select the desired amount and click on the card. 50% chance of winning. We also recommend that you look at the rules to understand the principle of additional bets.
  • According to our analysis, you can have an advantage if you make small bets and use the Martingale strategy, which means that if you lose, double the wager. But make sure you have a big budget.

Andar Bahar Real Money App download

Installing a Pin Up Casino on Android is easy. You can handle it even if you don't know much about programs. As with other online casinos, the Pin Up Casino app cannot be found on Google Play.

However, the Andar Bahar real money app can be downloaded for free on Android from the casino's official website. To download Pin Up Casino, follow these steps:

  1. First, open your smartphone settings. And in the "Programs" section, allow the installation of programs from unverified sources. The official Casino app will not harm your smartphone if you download it from the casino website.
  2. After that, go to the Pin Up Casino site from the mobile phone on which you will download the Android program. You can type the casino's address in any mobile browser.
  3. The site itself will offer you a link by which you can download the Pin Up Casino app. If it does not appear, open the menu and find it there.
  4. Next click on the link and save the apk file in your mobile phone.
  5. Then find the apk in the download folder and click to start the installation.
  6. Installation is automatic. Nothing is required of you.
  7. When the Pin Up Casino app icon appears on the smartphone's desktop, the installation is complete, and you can start the slot machines.

For authorization in the program, use the same account from which you play from the computer. You don't need to create an additional account to play with Android. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one right in the app.

In the table, we will consider the advantages of the application:

1 advantage

All your data is saved: money in the account, bonuses, participation in tournaments, lotteries, etc.

2 advantage

If you download VIP Casino, you can get additional bonuses

3 advantage

No mirrors or VPN required

4 advantage

Players' data and money are well protected

5 advantage

All online casino functions are available


How to win Andar Bahar in casino?

To win, follow these rules:

  • study the game features before placing bets on money;
  • watch the gameplay online;
  • study popular and winning practice;
  • Use the casino's bonuses for a successful game.

How to cheat in Andar Bahar card game?

The game takes place online, and the dealer on the screen will follow you. Professional players are not advised to cheat to maintain a reputation. You can always count on winning at proven casinos if you know the rules.

Does Andar Bahar have bonus?

The presence of the bonus depends on the type of game chosen. In total there are several options, namely:

  • Live Andar Bahar;
  • Andar Bahar speed;
  • Xpro gaming live
  • Andar Bahar video;
  • Ezugi Andar Bahar;
  • Super spade games.

Each type is unique and provides different privileges to the players. They will be described to each user even before the game's launch.