Crazy Time Live Casino Game

Crazy Time is not our usual Pin Up gambling game, but a real game show that will surprise every player with a money wheel of fortune. During the game, the dealer spins a huge round wheel consisting of 54 sectors. To win, it is necessary to predict in which sector the rotation of this money wheel will stop.

This is a simple random number, so the successful outcome of the bet will depend only on your luck. No computer algorithms will help increase the chance of winning. So just choose the option that your intuition tells you and enjoy the game.

Play Crazy Time at Pin Up

Crazy Time is a classic slot that can be found in many casinos. The number of players who love this game is overgrowing every year. Thanks to the army of millions of fans, this game is considered one of the most popular slots in the world.

Also, at the top of the game page, there is a video slot, with which you can get an additional bonus. Since a professional dealer manages the gaming process, players will be able to experience the unrivalled chic atmosphere of a real casino.

Since the Crazy Time game has additional bonus sectors, which are presented in the videos of unique mini-games, all players can get big wins if they win.

The main rules are presented in the table:

The 1st rule

After opening an account and replenishing the account in the online casino, you can go to live rooms with real dealers. In Crazy Time, bets are accepted for 15 seconds. From 0.1 to 5000 coins are at stake, so both beginners with a minimal budget and VIP guests with an unlimited bank will be able to play.

The 2nd rule

Bets are placed on numbers and/or four bonus rounds. After completing their reception, the professional dealer Evolution Gaming (it is offered to play in the casino with him) starts the Wheel of Fortune with 54 cells of different sizes. The upper panel moves simultaneously with the Wheel.

The 3rd rule

If the customer has placed a bet on a number and is lucky, the Top Spin multiplier will be applied to it. The money will come to the balance immediately. If the user bet on the bonus round, the bonus draw will begin.

What is Crazy Time Online Casino Game Show?

Crazy Time online casino is an incredible and unique slot that was created using the idea of a round money wheel and a dream catcher. During the game, you can add a multiplier in each new segment or bonus game. Thanks to this, the gameplay becomes even more exciting. Using modern technologies and interactive programs, exciting bonus games have been created in which you can win a new multiplier. Crazy Time allows everyone to get valuable gaming experiences and fun pastime.

  • In order to win, you need to bet on the number on which the rotation of the wheel will turn. This wheel comprises 54 segments, each containing a number or a bonus game. With the start of each new round, the top slot starts spinning above the wheel so that each number will get a random multiplier.
  • To play Crazy Time, you need to stake on the number at which the wheel will stop spinning. If your prediction were correct, you would be the winner. And if the rotation is flipped on the game, you can play the bonus game with unique rules.
  • The gameplay is controlled by a live professional dealer called the Game Presenter. This specialist will ensure that all gameplay participants are satisfied and have fun. The main task of the presenter is to entertain the players and maintain their mood during the game.



  • Jaw-dropping interface
  • No complicated rules
  • Play with a professional live dealer
  • Opportunity to participate in bonus programs
  • Inability to interact with dealers
  • The sensory are overload

Crazy Time is a kind of virtual casino where live dealers control the gameplay. You can use different tactics to win. Large multipliers can fall on the reel, which will double or significantly increase the size of the win. It is also worth noting other advantages of Crazy Time:

  • The presence of a chat for live communication with players and dealers;
  • Opportunity to win big compared to other slots or roulette;
  • The ability to get a multiplier for the bet;
  • In order to cover the costs, one can bet on each sector;
  • The atmosphere of a real casino;
  • High-quality game interface;
  • High RTP.

But these are not all the advantages of Crazy Time. It is worth noting that every player from India can enjoy this game at any convenient time and in any convenient place. To do this, you need to download a mobile app on your smartphone, which is suitable for both Android and iOS owners.

The chances of winning depend on the wheel's number of flappers of the dropped colour. But this can reduce the number of winnings. The table below contains information regarding all available colours, the frequency of their occurrence, and the amount of payout.





















Dark Blue



Coin Flip bonus round

Dark Pink



Pachinko bonus round




Cash Hunt bonus round




Crazy Time bonus round

After analyzing this table, we can conclude that the less often the cracker falls, the greater the number of winnings.

Main game round

Crazy Time game is quite simple and primitive. Therefore, even novice players should not have problems understanding the rules and basic features of the game. Everything is straightforward. This game was created based on the Dream Catcher money wheel. But besides this basic concept, it was decided to create the following additional bonus rounds:

  • cash hunt;
  • coin flip;
  • pachinko bonus;
  • Crazy Time.

Such diversity and variability make this game even more interesting and exciting, because it allows each player to significantly increase the size of their winnings. A professional dealer will help you figure out the nuances. Therefore, place a bet right now, and in a few seconds, check the results of your bet!

The entire wheel in the game is divided into sectors with numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. Also on the game wheel are slots with 4 bonus games. It is worth noting that the number is also related to the bet's payout. For example, if you bet on 5, then if you win, you will receive a payout of five times.

Along with the money wheel, the top slot also rotates, from it is located at the top of the wheel. With it, you can get a multiplier or access to a different game on each spin. The resulting multiplier will be applied to your winnings in the base game and bonus rounds.

Pin Up Casino Crazy Time

Useful recommendation: only those players who have made a bet on the slot in the Bonus Game will be able to take part in the bonus round through the Top slot. So it is better to always place 2 bets at once, the first on the number, and the second on the bonus round. Otherwise, you will only be able to watch the bonus games, but will not be able to participate in the gameplay.

So which bonus rounds should you bet on in Crazy Time? All essential information is provided below. Read the information and remember that only those players who have placed a bet will be able to participate. It is important to remember that Crazy Time is a multiplayer game, so you will have the opportunity to play and chat with other live players, and get special pleasure from the process.

Cash hunt bonus game

The Cash Hunt bonus game is a kind of interactive feature where 108 random multipliers are displayed using a digital board. Each multiplier will be revealed and hidden by a random symbol, and then the process of occurrence and occurrence will begin.

In order to drag the target and aim at the selected character, you must use the mouse on the computer or touch on the colour image. When the countdown ends, a cannon will fire at the selected target. After that, you can see the multiplier by which the bet size will be multiplied. This will result in a large amount of gain.

Coin flip bonus game

This bonus game is based on the classic Heads or Tails, but with red and blue colours. Each side multiplier is determined randomly. The player simply needs to choose one of 2 colors.

After the player chooses, the coin will automatically turn over. The colour that is facing up will be the winning one. The hit multiplier will also be indicated there.

Pachinko bonus game

To play the Pachinko bonus game, you will need a large vertical wall with pegs. A puck will be dropped from the top of this wall, which will descend to the bottom. There are 16 random multipliers at the bottom.

If the launched puck lands on one of the multipliers, your bet will be multiplied by that number. In addition, there is an opportunity to get on the "Double" option. Then you can double all multipliers and start a new drop.

Crazy Time game live bonus

This variety of Crazy Time game live is the most interesting and exciting. Players will immerse themselves in an amazing and exciting virtual world with a colourful money wheel. To win, you must select a cracker before the start of the gameplay. There are 3 possible colours of the cracker: blue, green, and yellow. The dealer is responsible for spinning the wheel, for which he will need to press the red button.

Once the spin is complete, you will be able to get a multiplier and then double or triple it. The maximum multiplier size is 20,000x. Before starting a new round, be sure to check the results of the previous round.

Strategies to win more often in Crazy Time

In this section, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the Crazy Time casino strategy. Of course, in many ways, the result in this game depends solely on your luck. But maybe there is a strategy by which you can increase your chances of winning.

  • In this game, the wheel is similar to a standard roulette, so it makes sense to try to apply strategies that are designed for playing roulette. But many players do not find it appropriate.
  • In addition, there are some secrets with which you can access the bonus games. To do this, you need to bet on all 4 sectors of the bonus rounds, this allows you to significantly hedge your bets.

Of course, betting on numbers can also bring income, but the bonus rounds are predominant. They will allow you to get a precious gaming experience, have fun and feel the real taste of the game.

We bring to your attention possible popular strategies:

  1. Martingale strategy. Often used in roulette. For this, a certain budget is inevitable to cover possible losses. You need to place bets on all bonus fields at once.
  2. Probability strategy. With this strategy, you can try your hand against a fast car. After analyzing the last 60 rounds, we assume that the choice in favor of the choice will trace a certain proportion. To do this, you will need a history of games. Some fields happen more typically than others.
  3. Low volatility strategy. In order to use this application, you need to distribute bets on the largest number of sectors of the wheels. In any case, the chances of getting into one of the selected sectors will increase.

Frequently asked questions about Crazy Time

Let's take a look at the frequently asked questions. Our casino users usually contact the customer support service. Perhaps this block will help to find a way out of the problem situation.

What is the minimum and maximum bet?

The minimum bet is only 8 rupees, so even novice players can try their hand without significant financial investment. This is very useful, because, typically at the initial stages, players without experience are afraid to place bets to avoid losing their money. But the maximum allowable bet is as much as 1,120,000 rupees. We invite you to familiarize yourself with these and other useful indicators in the table.

Min bet

8 rupees

Max bet

1120000 rupees

Max win





Huge amount of action, 4 bonus rounds, big prizes

Free demo

Missing, but you can watch the gameplay

What is the RTP of Crazy Time?

RTP or Return-to-Player is an indicator that indicates the percentage of the total amount of bets in the game, which will be returned to players if they win. Sometimes this indicator is also called the payout to the player. It shows the percentage ratio between winning bets to the total number of bets.


Size of RTP

Segment 1


Segment 2


Segment 5


Segment 10




Cash Hunt


Coin Flip


Crazy Time


In Crazy Time, the RTP is 95.41%. But this indicator may vary, because it depends on the number of bets made, their sizes, and bonus games launched. The table below shows the RTP values for all segments and bonus games.