Jhandi Munda Online for Real Money

If you don't already know what Jhandi Munda is, then a review of this exciting gameplay will give you a lot of positive emotions and generous winnings. This is a popular dice game. The playing process is in high demand among gamblers from India. Six dice are used here. Each dice has six faces. Players from India are especially active in Jhandi Munda during three Indian festivals:

  • Dashain.
  • Dashami.
  • Tihar.

The gameplay is popular in other countries as well. So, for example, in Nepal, this gameplay is often used. However, in Nepal, it is called Langur Burja. Variations are offered all over the world.

You can play Jhandi Munda online with real money at Pin Up online casino site. The site offers quality conditions for the game. Therefore, every player will get a lot of pleasure from the playing process.

The following table allows readers to explore the main parameters of the Jhandi Munda slot machine.


Jhandi Munda









Max win


Minimum bet

80 Indian rupees

Maximum bet

4000 Indian rupees



Last update


Play Jhandi Munda Cash Game in Pin Up Casino

This is one of the most loved entertainments among Indian users. Players can play this gameplay in two modes:

  • demonstration;
  • real rates.

Each type of gameplay has individual features, advantages, and disadvantages. The following table will allow readers from India to explore the main features of playing the Jhandi Munda cash game in demo mode and for cash.

Demo game

Real gameplay

Available to all clients.

The gameplay is available only after registration.

Does not require prior registration at the casino.

Only adult users can play.

No need to betting on personal money.

The user's funds are used for the gameplay.

No risk to the player.

There is a risk of losing the bet.

Detailed study of the rules and features of the game.

More vivid emotions and feelings of excitement.

Does not bring real winnings.

There is an opportunity to get a real win.

Players use three six-sided dice to play. Each side of the die has an individual symbol. Players may note that the Jhandi Munda dice symbols differ from the standard numbering. Usually, dots are depicted on the bones — from one to six. In this case, players can observe three red and three black symbols. Each symbol has an identical meaning. The color of the picture shown also does not affect the results of the gameplay.

The four symbols of the Jhandi Munda game are fairly easy to recognize, as they appear on all cards:

  • heart;
  • club;
  • rhombus;
  • peak.

Two symbols are not related to playing cards — the crown and the anchor. The winnings amount per symbol will be the same as all images have the same value.

Jhandi Munda is considered one of the easiest online casino games to play. Clients of gambling and entertainment portals are offered a small set of rules that can be remembered after the first round.

Play Jhandi Munda Game in India

Jhandi Munda Rules and Algorithm

Playing this slot is simple. The following guide will help novice players from India quickly understand the features of the game process and get generous winnings from the very first rounds.

The Jhandi Munda algorithm for playing Pin Up online casino is as follows:

  1. The choice of symbols for placing a bet.
  2. Press the “Deal” button to roll the dice.
  3. Computing the number of matched characters.
  4. Collect winnings for the weight of matched bets.

Next, the gamer decides to continue playing Jhandi Munda or take the winnings.

The simple rules of the Jhandi Munda game have made it the most popular among Indian Pin Up casino customers. Customers place bets on all six dice — they need to guess which image will appear after the dice are thrown onto the playing field. The bet will play if at least one of the predictions about the dropped image comes true.

The number of winnings can vary and increase. The reward depends on how many dice fall face-down with the desired image on the playing field. The client's bet will be tripled if all three dice have the same picture.

Pin Up casino pays the player all winning bets. Their size does not matter. It is also worth noting that the drop of a certain image on the die does not affect the size of the reward. All symbols have the same value in Jhandi Munda.

The RTP of the slot is above average — 92.14%. The manufacturer managed such a high result due to using only three cubes out of six possible in the gameplay.

Players to figure out the payouts in this game thanks to the following table.


Payout by bet

1 matched character


2 matched characters


3 matched characters


Wagered for money in the Jhandi Munda slot offers users just such terms. Pin Casino offers many popular and affordable payment methods for Indian customers. The following methods are available to users:

  • Paytm.
  • Net banking.
  • Phonepe.

Betting on money in the Jhandi Munda slot offers users just such conditions. They must be completed to launch the slot machine for cash successfully.

Jhandi Munda win tricks

Gamers can receive real winnings only if the Jhandi Munda slot is launched for real bets. Pin Up online casino offers customers from India favorable gameplay conditions. The slot is based on a random number generator. Players can be sure of the reliability and transparency of the gaming process. Such use of technology suggests that unauthorized persons cannot interfere with the gameplay and distort the results.

All players have the same chance of winning in the slot. But players can use the Jhandi Munda win trick in the gameplay. It will allow you to conduct the gameplay based on a specific algorithm that contributes to:

  • increasing the chances of winning,
  • controlling the user's bankroll,
  • don't face big losses.

Jhandi Munda is based on luck and chances of success. No strategy can guarantee players a 100% result and a mandatory win. But strategies can increase the percentage of possible winnings, reduce risk indicators and ensure control of the game account. This is very important for those online casino customers who prefer to place real bets.

There are two types of symbols in the Jhandi Munda slot. The following table will help you get to know them.

Symbol type

Description of characteristics

Cold Symbols

They have a low face drop rate after being thrown.

Hot Symbols

They have a high frequency of being dropped face-on after being thrown.

The site displays cold and hot symbols when you start the Jhandi Munda slot machine. The portal makes such predictions based on the last 10-100 rolls. Thus, players can choose symbols from the list of the hot ones, increasing their odds of winning.

Players can limit their losses with special settings. The slot allows you to specify the maximum bet size.

Play Jhandi Munda Game in India

Jhandi Munda App Download

Indian Pin Up Casino customers can play the Jhandi Munda slot machine using their smartphone. The gambling and entertainment portal offers users to install a mobile application on their smartphones and tablets. This allows you to play the game anytime and anywhere in the world.

Players can install the mobile app in one of two files. These files are for the following operating systems:

  • Android.
  • iOS.

Thus, every gamer can download a mobile application to launch the Jhandi Munda slot from their phone.

Installing the Jhandi Munda APP on Android is simple and fast. The file is located on the official website of the Pin Up casino and is available for free download. The installation process looks like this:

  1. We go to the Pin Up casino website.
  2. Select the appropriate file to install the mobile application.
  3. We press the “Download” button.
  4. We choose installation on the main menu of the gadget.
  5. We are waiting for the complete download of the file.

Gamers are to start playing the Jhandi Munda slot machine as soon as the mobile app is installed.

The Jhandi Munda iOS game is also available to launch using the mobile app. The installation process is no different from the previous version. Players only need to select the correct file to download.

Playing the Jhandi Munda slot in a mobile application is very convenient because the program has the following advantages:

  • high speed of processing requests;
  • no blocking;
  • simple and convenient menu;
  • full functionality;
  • access from anywhere.

Players can enjoy vivid gameplay due to such advantages of the application and get significant profit.

Installation of the Jhandi Munda slot based on the Pin Up mobile application is available for modern smartphones. The following table allows you to explore the mobile app settings for different operating systems.



  • The mobile application weight is 36 MB.
  • Available for installation on OS version 4.2 and higher.
  • The functionality is complete.
  • Installation is free.
  • The mobile application weight is 36 MB.
  • Available for OS 10.0 and above.
  • The functionality is complete.
  • Installation is free.

The Jhandi Munda slot is easily adapted to run on small touch screens because the provider used HTML5 technologies when developing the game.


How to Play Live Jhandi Munda Game Online?

Jhandi Munda Game Online is available to run in real-time. Gamers from India can play the Jhandi Munda slot based on a real dealer guide. Players must first register on the Pin Up casino website and replenish the game balance. Since Jhandi Munda live play is available only for registered customers and only for real bets.

How to win the Jhandi Munda game?

The win in the Jhandi Munda slot will be if the gamer guesses the correct symbol appearing after the die roll. Even one match allows you to get a 1:1 win. The more matches on the rolled dice, the higher the payout.

Is it legit to play Jhandi Munda Online in India?

Yes. There is no mention in Indian legislation that would indicate a ban on the launch of the Jhandi Munda slot. Also, Pin Up online casino operates legally in India. Therefore, everyone can enjoy the gameplay in an exciting slot. However, it is important to know that winnings over INR 10,000 will be taxed. As a rule, the tax is calculated before the gamer submits a withdrawal request.