Pin Up Casino Support

No platform is perfect, but Pin-Up tries to make it so. The casino provides high-quality support to our casino players. Make sure to contact support if:

  • You don't understand some game or promotion mechanics.
  • You have a problem with something inside the service.
  • You have a question about how the service works.
  • You have found a mistake on the website.
  • Some problem is preventing you from betting.
  • An error has popped up when you want to deposit or withdraw money.

Pin Up Casino support uses English as the language of communication. Don't know English? Use the online translator from your language.

Each player has the right to get help if there is a problem with the service. Pin Up understands this and will do its best to solve this problem as soon as possible.

The site assists players by: 

  • Live Chat;
  • Email;
  • Phone call.

You can choose the means of contact you like or are comfortable with at this second. The support team will answer your question anyway.

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Our Contacts

Company name Carletta N.V.
Registered address Perseusweg 27A, Curaçao
Company address Perseusweg 27A, Curaçao
Phone +35722008792
Finance Department +35780077001
Company registration number 142346
License number 8048/JAZ017-003
Paying agent B.W.I. BLACK-WOOD LIMITED (Cyprus)
Registration Date December 31, 2019
Registration number HE 405814
Registration address Spyrou Kyprianou 61, SK HOUSE, 4003 Limassol, Cyprus

Pin Up Casino Customer Care Number

The casino and its team provides an official Pin Up Casino customer care number to solve existing user problems. This phone number will always be available to call with your mobile phone: +35722008792.

Pin Up Casino Customer Care Number

Every player can call this number if no other options are available. A phone call is not the quickest and most stable means of solving problems because: 

  • You may be overheard. This violates your privacy.
  • The quality of communication sometimes leaves much to be desired. The operator may not understand you.
  • Carriers charge money for the mobile call. This is beyond the casino’s competence.
  • Language barrier if you are not a native English speaker is not very helpful for both sides.
  • Time. It is much harder to explain a technical problem in words than it is to write about it.

The Pin Up team speaks English, and since communication is only in this language, this method of assistance is not convenient for any player. If you do not speak or understand English well, you should choose another official option for getting help.

As previously stated, a phone call is not free. Pin Up doesn't charge you for the mobile call, but your service providers do. Unfortunately, there is nothing the casino can do about this except provide you with alternative options.

E-mail Support

The most convenient and stable option for getting help is email. Why?

  • In case of problems with the support (unethical behavior, unqualified assistance, and so on), Pin Up can check this and take action as soon as possible.
  • You will keep all e-mail messages private.
  • It's easier to deal with the problem that way. Just describe the problem as fully as possible.
  • Don't know English? There are many translators on the Internet. There is no language barrier.
  • Help will not be delayed because of noise, as in the case of a mobile call.

This is why e-mail help was and still is one of the most common within large official companies. It is trivially handy and helpful. What kind of questions can you ask with an e-mail?

  • If you found an error on the site;
  • Any questions about account verification;
  • Problems with withdrawal or deposit;
  • Complaints and suggestions for product improvement or about one of the employees;
  • Suspicion or credible allegations of fraud by any player.

Remember that Pin Up will never ask you for your password by email or any other means of communication. If you receive an email from someone on the casino’s behalf asking you to send them your password, don't believe it. Just ignore the message.

Pin Up operators also speak only one language: English. If you don't know this language, you can try to:

  • Ask your friend or relative who knows the language to write a letter for you;
  • Use an online translator.

Regardless, the team won’t leave you dealing with the issue on your own. The operator will do their best to provide help.

Live Chat 24/7

The third way to get help is live chat. It is not as convenient as email, but it is much quicker. Usually, this method of communication is used to ask a question or to solve a minor problem. If your problem is serious (problems with your account or problems with withdrawal/input of funds), the operator will have to leave an application for a solution to other instances, and you will receive a decision by e-mail.

How can you start a live chat with an operator? Follow these steps:

  1. Look for the start dialog icon on the home page.
  2. Click on it, and you will see a dialog box
  3. Write down your problem in as much detail as possible. This is really important for the speed of problem-solving.

You will get a response within a couple of seconds. In some cases, it may take longer, but this is exceptional. In any case, live chat is mostly useful for minor problems. 

How should you communicate with support in order to get as much helpful assistance as possible?

  • Speak to the point. Fewer words and more facts.
  • Be polite. You speak with living human beings.
  • Is there something you need to show me for clarity? Use screenshots.
  • You didn't get a response within a couple of minutes? Wait for it. Maybe support is handling more than one person at a time. They do their best to answer you as quickly as possible.

Eventually, your problem will be solved. It all depends on you and how you explain your problem. Keep it brief but informative. Make sure you provide only required information.