Jetx Game Online

Gambling game developers are increasingly experimenting with genres and graphics to move away from the canon of familiar but still popular video slots, to diversify the gameplay, and create a unique product for a wide audience.

A relatively new fantastic online game worth the attention of the Pin Up Indian gambling audience is JetX. Unlike other slots, it has no maximum winnings limit, making the betting process on it unrestricted by anything. Although this title is high risk and relies on pure luck, certain tactics and tips can help new and experienced players make more money here.

Pin Up Casino JetX

JetX is an innovative slot-similar machine from a Georgian well-known provider, Smartsoft Gaming, which was released in 2019. This title takes online gambling to a whole new level of iGaming experience. It changes our usual idea of how slot machines should look like by offering a completely unique point of view. The objective is to play on primal human instincts, which is the fear of missing out on something. JetX is designed to gamble on the idea, that someone is making more money than you and there is a chance for you to overcome this unfairness. It is a successful combination of arcade and online slot that will appeal to all Indian fans of flight simulators.

Unfortunately, JetX carries with it a touch of fatality, as the main goal of every user who has placed a bet is to have time to collect the multiplied payout before the aircraft crashes. Sooner or later, this is bound to happen, and it's up to the gambler to decide at that point. Whether to take the smaller but guaranteed winnings, or to believe in the plane and wait a little longer for it to gain some more altitude before it crashes.

Play Jetx Betting Game at Pin Up Casino For Real Money

Game title



Smartsoft Gaming

Date of release

January 2019


Arcade, Crash game

Min Bet

0.10 INR

Max Bet

100 INR

Max Multiplier


Max Single Win

20 000 INR

The game deals with the theme of flying into space on a special jet. The launch takes place from the airport and astronauts enter the plane during a break when the players are betting. A flight takes place and the multiplier counts down. Luck and the random number generator come into play. The higher the multiplier becomes, the higher into space the jet takes off. During flight, the jet can explode at any altitude, whether it's 1.01x or 61x. The flight ceiling is a multiplier of 100, when the plane is guaranteed to explode — the player then needs to press the cashout button in time.

The point of this gamble is to cash in your bet at a certain multiplier value. That is, a player may not take much risk and pick up a prize at a relatively low distance from the ground, but more gamblers will wait for the highest flight peak to win more money. If the user fails to withdraw his bet before the plane explodes, he loses all the money he has bet.

Play JetX on Pin Up Casino

Pin Up allows its users to play this game in two ways: for free and for real money. The best advice for any player, regardless of their experience level, would be to try out JetX well in the demo version. You don't even need to register on the Pin Up website and make a deposit. One simply has to search for the title on the website and click on the "Demo" button on the game icon. You can simply spend your time in the free version ad infinitum, and if you run out of credits, you just need to reload the page. In this way, the user can figure out for himself how the game works and whether it is worth their time.

If you've had enough of playing for free and now want to try earning real money from the knowledge and multiplier analysis you've gained, it's time to make some real JetXbetting and win the coveted prize. To do this in Pin Up, you need to create an account by providing your personal details for registration. After reviewing the application and undergoing a quick verification, a new player profile will be created within a matter of hours. After choosing one of the many deposit methods, you need to contribute an amount that you are not afraid of losing. And that's it. Get in the full version and test your luck.

Can I use JetX Predictor Online?

TJetXPredictor is an illegally created program that allows online casino players to track their multiplier accrual history through a random number generator and use it to generate prediction algorithms for JetX game. The principle of this program is simple — finding patterns in the numerical code of the RNG and giving probable predictions of future multipliers.

Since this software has no official certification and is created in non-professional conditions, the quality of its work is questioned. A user who has downloaded the application cannot be sure of the correct result, so installing such a program is buying a pig in a poke.

Working with such a programme has only drawbacks, including:

  1. Poor and unreliable program code, which unprofessional programmers develop.
  2. The link to download the application is often found on untrustworthy sites or through unverified links, which can lead to digital problems.
  3. The link to the installation file may contain a computer virus, as the demand for uncertified software that can supposedly make money is quite high among marginal and inexperienced users.
  4. The software is often sold online for a considerable amount of money, but there is absolutely no guarantee that the software will work efficiently.
  5. The random number generator on large and popular sites (including Pin Up) is certified and officially licensed for fairness and transparency of algorithms, which means that there are no patterns or regularities in the output of game results. In short, JetX Predictor will not be able to produce accurate results on such generators.

In any case, the use of JetXPredictoronline is prohibited on Pin Up India, as such actions fall under the category of violations of the rules of fair play to which the user agreed when registering on the site.

The site has special algorithms that track player activity, ranging from the date, time, and IP address of account login up to minimal activity logs on all site pages, including HTML5 code for launching games. The algorithms form a digital portrait of player activity on the site. As soon as such actions become atypical or abnormal, additional checks are performed to determine whether third-party software is being used.

If the result of interference with fair play is confirmed, Pin Up reserves the right to block the player's access to their account and freeze all deposits made on the site without the possibility of recovery for life. All rules are described in the site’s User Agreement.

JetX Tricks For Winning

If you finally decide to try this game and have a good time, here are a few JetXtricks that can increase your chances of winning.

  1. Put a big bet on a low multiplier and, at the same time, a low one on a high multiplier. This kind of reception is made on the option of two simultaneous bets. In the first bet with a low multiplier, auto bet must be chosen. This approach seeks to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it limits the risk of trying to secure consecutive winnings to keep a stable balance in the ratio of big bets. On the other hand, a small bet tries to hit the big multiplier, which will be the reason for an outright win and increase the game balance.
  2. Practice in the free version. Before you play the big ones, it's a good idea to practice with small stakes, but an even better option is to try out a demo version of JetX. This is a great way to explore its play and payout potential before you risk any real money. You'll be able to work out how the game works, what types of bets are available, when exactly to get out of the game, so the plane doesn't explode, etc. The main thing here is to catch the rhythm and get a feel for the algorithm, constantly studying the multiplier history from the left side of the screen.
  3. Clear cost control. Remember that a jet plane can explode at any moment. It can happen either a second after take-off or 10 seconds later. Control your spending and don't try to win back what you lost days ago. Treat JetX and other gambling as a way to have a good time and relax a bit, not as an additional way to make money.

Of course, these tips do not guarantee a 100% win, because in gambling, the outcome depends on chance and luck. Nevertheless, they will help you develop your betting and winning strategies. Try applying them in real money games.

JetX Game Download App

Smartsoft Gaming has further delighted its fans and released a special JetXapp. The gameplay is perfectly ported in the program and adjusted to the mobile device screen. The game has removed everything unnecessary and redundant so that the gambler can focus only on the multiplier.

It can only be downloaded from the official Google Play shop on Android smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, the app is unavailable to iOS users, so Apple users can only enjoy the game on the mobile version of the Pin Up website. What are the simple steps for JetX game download on your Android device?

  1. Go to Google Play Market, where you have to enter "JetX" through the regular search in the top right corner of your screen.
  1. Find the app, briefly examine the information from the developer and click on "Install". Before installing, ensure you have free space on your device and the restrictions have been removed.
  1. Install JetX. The operating system will load the application and the corresponding game icon on your device's main screen. The system will ask you for any additional permissions that may be required.

Once installed, the game is available for your use at any time of the day or night. The way it works is absolutely identical to the desktop version through the browser window of the Pin Up website. Only the interface of the game screen differs because due to the smaller active screen area, the essentials have had to be left out, and the other options are hidden behind it.

In order for the app to run well, work quickly and respond smoothly to the user, it is important to ensure that your device has the minimum software requirements to ensure stable operation on your mobile browser. These requirements are as follows.

Android version

5.1 or later

Min operational space

1 GB

Processing speed

1.2 GHz

Min free memory

100 MB


How to play Jetx?

The gameplay is simplified and uncomplicated, even for newcomers. On the Pin Up website, you need to go to your player profile and pay attention to the bottom of the game screen once the game has started. There, the player can place one or two bets, selecting their size and the multiplier at which the auto bets will take the winnings.

How to withdraw money from Jetx?

TThe money won is instantly credited to the player's balance and to the user's account. To withdraw money from the profile balance, the player can choose from the many transaction methods available on the website.

Is JetX legal?

This game is completely legal in India, as local laws do not prohibit Indians from using foreign gambling and sports betting sites. Any resident is entitled to create an account at Pin Up and play absolutely any game from its extensive library.